Indian chef resturant is a delitious restaurant in Alice Spring

We are coming to the world to create healthy people in the world with delicious menus. We give you the opportunity to dine at each city's finest informal dining restaurants at a fraction of the price it would normally cost. We offer some of the finest South Indian cuisines. We provide an excellent ambience for you to rest in whilst your order is being prepared.

It is our humble attempt to introduce a variety of authentic dishes, especially light and simple authentic curries from the land which has adopted the slogan ‘Gods Own Country’ to the beautiful city. Come and enjoy your nostalgias!!

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  • (All-time favourite Dosa stuffed with spiced potato and served with sambar and chutney masala)

  • (Plain Dosa topped with cheese and rolled, served with sambar and chutney)

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  • (A wonderful combination of beefy potato & homemade vindaloo paste, & with a small touch of vinegar)

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We create a lovely atmosphere in our restaurant to serve our extended tasting Menu for your all types of dining’s with your dear and near ones to make special moments.

It is a unique restaurant where you can experience the real taste of each delicious. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do to deliver maximum.

We provide various regional cuisines which differ according to the local culture, climate, traditions and availability of ingredients to get the real taste of homemade foods.

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Iindian Chef Restaurant is an Indian Restaurant in Alice Springs, Australia

Alice Springs is the third largest town in the Northern Territory, Australia. By far the major industry in recent times is tourism. Indian Chef Restaurant is one the famous restaurants in Alice Springs.

Famous Take Away Restaurant in Alice Springs

This Indian Restaurant provides Vegitarian and Non Vegitarian [Veg and non Veg] menu items. South Indian Special Dishes, Sea Food, Beef, Lamb, Bread, Rice, Drinks

Indian Chef Restaurant Caterings

We cater For All ocassions